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    Oriya Unicode font rendering in InDesign - LOCKED

    Shreelipi Level 1

      We are experienced font making company and are in the business for many years. Currently we are facing some issues in InDesign font rendering engine with Indian language Odiya (Oriya) Unicode font.


      The Unicode font we are trying to create renders correctly in Winword (and other applications like Excel, Notepad, Wordpad etc.), but does not form necessary conjunct characters as shown in the diagram. On the other hand, Odiya Font provided by Microsoft (Kalinga) is rendered correctly in Winword as well as InDesign.



      We suspect there might be some form of 'hardcoding' done in Odiya language font plug-in (specific to Kalinga font’s substitution tables) in InDesign which is preventing our font from rendering properly.


      Please direct us to proper channel so that we can discuss this issue in detail.