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    German Shortcuts not working / After Effects / Mac




      since the recent update to version 13.8, a lot of german shortcuts are not working anymore, e.g. ü for maximizing windows.


      How can I make shortcuts with ü,ä,ö work again?


      Thanks a lot



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          martinr84659894 Level 3

          Same Problem here, but also a solution!


          In AFX CC2015.3 (13.8), the german shortcuts have been changed, or are bad implemented. However, if you still have the shortcut-list from version CC2014 (13.2) or CC2015 (13.5 i guess), you can copy it with a bit alternation to the new install location.


          If you don't have one of the previous shortcut lists, or don't want to follow the steps below, just download and unzip this shortcut-list-file and save it to "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\After Effects\13.8" (Windows). On Mac, search for "Adobe After Effects 13.8 Win de_DE Tastaturbefehle.txt" and save it there.


          https://www.dropbox.com/s/rzmd87ivsm5dl5r/Adobe%20After%20Effects%2013.8%20Win%20de_DE%20T astaturbefehle.zip?dl=0



          The long way:


          1. You need the old shortcut-list.

          On Windows it's located in: "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\After Effects\13.2". I don't know where it's on Mac, but you can search for "Adobe After Effects 13.2 Win de_DE Tastaturbefehle.txt".


          2. You need the new shortcut-list.

          Go to "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\After Effects\13.8" or search for "Adobe After Effects 13.8 Win de_DE Tastaturbefehle.txt".


          3. You need a new, empty text-file.

          Copy the whole text from the old shortcut-list (13.2 or 13.5) to this file.


          4. You need to compare the two shotcut-lists from step 1 and 2.

          I did it with this tool: Qualidator Text Diff/Vergleich .


          5. You need to manually update the new text-file from step 3.

          Look at the green and red lines in the tool from step 4 and make the changes in the new text-file from step 3. Some lines must be added, some removed.


          6. You need to save and rename the new text file.

          Save it at the location of the new shortcut-list ("C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\After Effects\13.8") and name it "Adobe After Effects 13.8 Win de_DE Tastaturbefehle.txt"


          Thanks to the non-existing-shortcut editor in AFX, it's easy as that.



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            Hi, i solved this problem in copying my old shortcut list AF CC 2015 (Version: form my MacBook Pro (still not updated yet) and than first deleted the shortcut list in the new Version AF CC 2015, 13.8. (Adobe After Effects 13.8 Mac de_DE Tastaturbefehle.txt)

            paste the old one into this folder (Mac HD/ USERS/USERNAME/LIBRARY/PREFERENCES/ADOBE/AFTER EFFECTS/13.8) and only reamed the part 13.7. into 13.8.  And it works.


            thanks all for some infos to this, I've spent lots of hours to find some informations At the end, this is for me the easiest way to get my workflow back



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              martinr84659894 Level 3

              On Windows, this way is totally not working. Was my first approach, too. The old shortcut list gets overwritten as soon as you start AFX, mainly because of this lines in the shortcut list text file:

              ["** header **"]

              "major_version" = "88"


              Even if this value is changed to the proper one, there are a lot of other shortcut problems with the new preview functions or renamed entities. That's why I went through the textfile line by line and updated everything manually.


              I'm wondering (and a bit doubting) this actually works on Mac.




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                Well I have another kind of problem. AE keep overwrite my old shortcuts txt. I've try everything! Even to set read only, but after effects doesn't seem to agree and before launching it gives you an error (3:3).




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                  martinr84659894 Level 3

                  Hi Matthew,


                  can you precise the problem?




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                    Matt_F90 Level 1

                    Hello Martin, thanks for the reply,

                    I've installed Ae in English directly because I use really often expressions in my projects. The problem is that the other shortcuts (like maximize panels and cut duration of layers on the slider) doesn't fit to a keyboard with an Italian layout. I managed to recover a txt shortcuts file (it_IT) and I overwrite the en_US file. Every time I launch the program, Ae reset the en_US where I paste the code from my Italian file. So for example I can't use the SingleQuote character to maximize the panels where the cursor stay over. The system I've just described to edit the shortcuts file, worked in previous versions. Windows got settings correctly with the keyboard.




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                      martinr84659894 Level 3

                      Hi Mattia,


                      I see two problems here:


                      1. There is a version-number in the shortcut file. If this number does not fit, AE overwrites the shortcut file. Search for those lines:


                      ["** header **"]

                      "major_version" = "88"


                      at the top of the shortcut file. I think in AE 13.8, the number must be "88", but I don't know exactly, what this number is representing.


                      2. You can only copy and paste shortcuts from the same version number of AE. You can't use a shortcut file from version 13.2 along with AE 13.8 for example. Even if you changed the lines from point 1. They have changed a lot of shortcut names, removed options and added new things. If your it_IT-file is from a older version, you have to manually update it to 13.8 line by line.


                      If I get you right, you are using an English version instead of an Italian, because this way you can use English expressions which are floating round in the web and everywhere else?! And if you would use an Italian version, you would have to translate things like "slider" to get the expressions working, right?

                      Well, check out this: TranslateExpressions - aescripts + aeplugins - aescripts.com


                      Let me know, this any of this was helpful.