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    Files opened in CC 6.0 Indesign, cannot now be opened in my Indesign 5.5


      I have been using Adobe CC, Lightroom and Photoshop. I own and use Indesign 5.6. I wanted to "Try" Adobe Indesign CC 6.0, so I did. I did not like it compared to my 5.5, which I own. I did not want to pay the additional per month for 6.0.


      NOW, when I try to open my files (previously opened in CC 6.0, I cannot view them and they will not open because it tells me: "File cannot be opened as it was opened previously in a newer version.


      Attempted to contact Adobe and they told me I could get support @ www.adobe.com/getsupport. I chatted with a tech who reviewed the problem, referred me to Adobe forums with no other help.


      I clicked on the "send me transcript of chat when finished". That never happened, I told him I would be posting the transcript with his non=answer and non-support on the forums. He basically just hung up on me.


      Any of you know how I might be able to open up these files in 5.5 and see them?