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    Tin Can Voice

    Rich146 Level 1
      Could you please listen to my narration and look at my methodology? No matter what I do I still get the "tin can" effect. The narrated file is at richgilman.com (or

      My Methodology:
      1. Record in Adobe Soundbooth CS3 at 96k htz (sounds great)
      2. Save as mp3 24kbs/sec, Best Quality, Mono (sounds great)
      3. Import to flash with these settings: mp3, 24kps, Quality Best.
      4. Publish: Audio Stream MP3, 24 kbps, mono.

      The one curious issue I see is with the Sound Properties in Flash which says at the bottom "24 kbps Mono 247.6kB, 13.6% of original" WHY WOULD IT BE 13.6% OF ORIGINAL WHEN THE ORIGINAL IMPORT IS A SMALL MP3? (this can be seen on the web link richgilman.com)

      Thank you for your time.

      Rich Gilman richgilman.com
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Rich... while I'm likely the last person you want help from as far as recording/importing audio files, I listened to it and it doesn't sound that bad--sounds like conversational speech. I didn't notice anything that I'd call tin-cannish. But you'd be the better judge of the quality since you have the originals.
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            Rich146 Level 1
            Thanks Ned,
            Maybe it is just me. I am comparing to the Lynda.com website. Some say when you listen to your own recorded voice it just doesn't sound right anyway. I will be interested to see if others feel as you do.

            thanks again
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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              I know I can't stand the sound of my own voice... reminds me of Rusty from Make Room for Daddy
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                Rothrock Level 5
                It sounds okay, but also a bit muffled and tinny.

                First I don't think you should be recording at 96 kHz. CD quality is 44.1 kHz and flash can tend to have issues with values that are multiples of 11 kHz. So 44.1 or 22 are better choices. So that could be part of it.

                The other issue is 24 kbps is a pretty low bitrate. I would recommend that you not go below 48 kbps for spoken word. And maybe even try 56 kpbs. I often find that is the spoke where the quality really starts to dive.

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                  Rich146 Level 1

                  Thanks. Just the kind of info I am looking for. I will try out your suggested settings.