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    HELP! resolution on saved images

    camilav46703586 Level 1

      i am working on the illustrator draw app by adding shapes i previously create on the adobe create app. i don't understand why some shapes have a high resolution when i save them into an image to my iPad and others just save with a poor resolution. HOW CAN I SOLVE THIS??????

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Camila,


          A quick question: Can you tell me HOW you're saving your Capture CC assets?


          (If you save them to your camera roll, or share them over email, they will be lower resolution .jpgs or .pngs; if you bring them into Draw, in a drawing layer, they will be high resolution editable graphics.)



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            camilav46703586 Level 1

            Hi Sue!


            I'm saving the shapes to the library, then I open the Draw app and search the shape in "my library" , then place it and give it color. The problem is that when I save my design from the draw app to my camera roll the resolution is very low with SOME of the shapes I made in adobe create. Is there another way to save the design and then have it as a high resolution image?

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              Theresa J Adobe Community Professional



              Here are two things to check.


              First, make sure that you are placing the Capture Shape on a Draw Layer and not an Image Layer. When you place it on an Image Layer, it actually places a png file which has pixels. You will notice a difference in resolution when you save the design to your camera roll.


              Second, make sure you zoom in on your design as far as you can without cropping anything important. When you save the file to your camera roll it creates a png file at the resolution of your iPad (I think, but I'm not 100% on this), and the image is cropped to the zoom. So, zoomed in gives you a higher resolution of an object, then if you are zoomed way out when you save the file.



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                Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                Hi Camila,


                People ask often for some sort of high-res output from the app but it hasn't yet been incorporated into Draw; right now the only way to save a high-res image from Draw is to bring the work to one of the Creative Cloud desktop apps.


                Theresa's suggestion to crop as much blank space as possible and zoom in to the art will definitely get you better resolution in your saved image because although it will still be rendered with the dimensions 2048 x 1536px it will be based on the current zoom.


                Hope that helps a bit.



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