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    Manipulate swf files that contain multiple frames

    ribarra1 Level 1


      I'm trying to manipulate a swf file containing multiple frames inside but I can not get the image of it.

      The detail of what I mean is:

      I have imported a swf file to a cast member. Then, I have created a sprite on stage with the contents of that member. Finally, as I have needed to perform a zoom in, I have made a copy of the image member using the "copyPixels" command and the content is displayed without problem on stage. So far so good.

      The problem appears when the swf file contains several frames. If I move for them (using e.g. getToFrame (sprite (num), 2) to go to the second), on stage it shows the corresponding image without problems. But if I make a "copyPixels" using the reference to the Member where the swf file has been on stage is always displayed the first frame.

      I tried to do a copy of the stage when the sprite shows any frame other than the first, but this option has not allowed me to get the image, indicating that property is not available.

      Any idea as a solution?

      Thank you.