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    font size of menus/toolbar suddenly huge

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      There is already a topic with this title (in answers.acrobatuser.com--I tried to paste the link, but this forum apparently does not allow pasting!).  At any rate, the existing answer (set the Edit | Preferences | General | Scale for screen resolution to 100%, rather than auto) doesn't work.  My guess is that the ability to do this has been removed from the version of Acrobat that I have--either that, or it's been added in to a more recent version.  The existing answer has no date associated with it, so for all I know it's from 2001, and it mentions no Acrobat version number.  Nor can I comment on the answer, since it says "These forums are now Read Only."


      So I'm coming here and asking the same question all over again.  I need to comment a PDF, so I added the "Commenting" toolbar.  It takes up a huge amount of vertical space.  , in part because its icons are big, and in part because it leaves a lot of whitespace above and below the icons.  I would say the icons in this toolbar are designed for someone with limited eyesight, except they are a dull gray on a lighter gray background, which makes me squint.  And they have no labels associated, so I have to guess what their meaning is.  For instance, there's one near the right-hand end that's made up of a partly overlapping triangle, circle and square; no idea what that's about, and I'm afraid to try it.  (Ok, I discovered that if I hold the mouse over the icon, words show up after a few seconds.  Why can't I just have the words, and to __ with the icon?)  And there's a lot of blank space at the left and right ends of the toolbar, in fact there's enough that I could combine it with the regular toolbar above it (the one that has an arrow, a hand, a + and - in circles, and so forth), thereby releasing more vertical space so I could see the document I'm working on better.  But afaict, there's no way to do that.


      Worse, over on the right of the Acrobat window is a new pane that runs the length of the visible document; its only content is a search box near the top that says "Search Comments...", and below that the label "No comment", which I guess is because I haven't commented on the doc yet.  Next to this are some more indecipherable icons.  I don't want to search the non-existent comments now, thank you, and I probably won't need to search my comments later; can't I just get rid of this column?  No, afaict.  Fortunately, my screen is big enough that I can make the document wide enough that I can actually read the PDF I'm commenting on (when it first came up, the doc was compressed into a narrow space between the bookmarks column on the left and this worthless "search comments" column on the right, resulting in the PDF displaying in what must have been about a 4 pt size).


      PLEASE, can someone over at Adobe take a course in user interface design?

      1) There's no reason for a toolbar with icons that are five times as big as the text in my document.

      2) IMO, there's no reason for a toolbar if I can use a menu.  But I suppose I lost that argument when Microsoft brought out the Ribbon.  (At least I can hide the Ribbon.)

      3) There's no reason to make the icons (if you must use icons) in dark grey on a light grey background.  Make them something more contrasty.  Black and white has been used for several centuries.

      4) There's no reason to prevent the user from combining toolbars, so they have more vertical room to display their document.

      5) There's no reason to have a "search comments" column that I can't get rid of or even change its size.  (If I put the mouse on the border, the mouse icon changes shape to indicate that I can resize the column--but that's just for laughs, because it refuses to resize.)

      6) There is no reason to have five toolbars on all sides of the document (except the bottom), and afaict I can only get rid of one (the exact one I want to work with).  There are two toolbars at the top: the aforementioned arrow/hand/-+in circles, and the comment toolbar. Down the left-hand side there is a vertical toolbar with an icon that looks like a couple sheets of paper, another that looks like a long piece of paper with a chunk cut out, and another that looks like a paperclip.  Then above the bookmarks is yet another toolbar with icons for radio buttons, trash can, another piece of paper with a chunk cut out, and something that looks like it might re-size something else.  Then on the right is a toolbar with the "search comments" box, an AZ icon, and a funnel.  Can't we have just one toolbar?  (Or better yet, a menu...)


      What can I do to regain a little space so I can see the document I'm working on, instead of all these useless (for my purposes) toolbars with huge icons?


      This is for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, 2015 Release, version 2015.016.20045.