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    Adobe Premiere Elements - Poor audio quality when I burn to a disk


      I am new to Adobe Premiere Elements and have just completed a video/audio project that I want to burn to a dvd. The audio quality on my computer sounds fine but when I burn it to a DVD, the audio quality is poor - very soft, hard to hear and not crisp. I have increased the audio in the program, re-burned it but it still comes out very poor.  I'm not sure what steps to take to get the audio to sound acceptable.

      The steps I am using are:

      Export and Share

      Select Disk

      Resolution SD480

      Format MPEG (it won't let me select anything else)

      Frame Rate 29.97

      Fit Content to Available space is checked

      Type: Disk


      On the right hand side it says: MPEG2-DVD

      Audio: Dolby Digital, 192 Kbps, 48khz, 2,32 bit float

      1 hr, 24 min