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    iMac Retinas on a Gigabit Network..... connectivity and performance issues


      I was hoping someone could help me trouble shoot connectivity and performance issues I am having with a large 80k+ catalog.....  we have three workstations sitting side by side on a gigabit network.... two iMac Retinas running OS X 10.11.5  and one lightweight Toshiba laptop running Windows 7.... the iMacs have 32 GB RAM, the Toshiba has 8.   All catalogs are locally stored on each device, data files are remote connected via the gigabit switch....  


      We have had performance issues with the iMacs over the network, the servers were physically remote, but visible to the devices....  one of the iMacs kept its network connection without a problem, the other, seemed to keep dropping the server connection after a few minutes of import/exports.... Windows machine never had a problem.   Performance was never great, but the stability issue was the most concerning...   I than moved the data to a local switch.... physically in the same location on the same switch....   I have the same connectivity issues with the one iMac, but also, what I am seeing as I created a new catalog to test the new server, the Windows laptop had no problem quickly ingesting the 80K + image catalog while the iMacs couldn't process it.....    or at least when I left the office it had barely made a dent, while the Windows machine had fully ingested the catalog.


      I have reset the PRAM and reinstalled the OS on the iMac with stability issues but that didn't help.... so now I have two questions:


      1.  What type of configuration optimization / troubleshooting can I do with the one iMac that cannot keep its connection?  Should I bring the device for a hardware diagnostic test at Apple?  Should I wipe the drive clean and start over (not a problem, this is simply a workstation that process images, no local data kept except the catalog which can be rebuilt). 


      2.  Why the hell is the Windows laptop kicking the iMacs butt with the import process.... I mean, it was sad, unreal, and makes we want to go back to a higher powered Windows machine if I can get that kind of stability/performance in our network environment....


      Let me know if anyone as any thoughts on how I can best proceed.... thanks !