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    Problem running Premiere Elements under Windows 10 with Matrox Codecs


      I cannot get Premiere Elements 12 to run under a clean installation of Windows 10 with Matrox Codecs loaded.   After starting PE and selecting Video Editor it hangs while ‘Loading Exporter AVI.prm’. It worked fine under Windows 7 and continued to work when I updated to Windows 10.  The problem arose after going for a clean installation of 10 following a motherboard failure.


      I need to use the Matrox Codecs because I have a number of videos from old cine film which I want to edit and these are .avi files which use a Matrox Codec.


      I have tried a trial copy of PE 14 and that won’t work either.  Nor will either 12 or 14 work on another PC running windows 10 ungraded from 7, a PC which has not previously had PE installed. I wonder if some setting(s) were carried over from Windows 7 to 10 when I upgraded.


      Has anyone any suggestions what else I could try?


      Loading Premiere Elements and then the Matrox Codecs results in PE ‘hanging’ after selecting ‘Video Editor’ then ‘New Project’.


      The .avi files are high definition (1920 x 1080) files, I think in the Matrox I-Frame .avi codec.