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    Lightroom Freezing Up


      Hi All!


      Over the past two days I am working in Lightroom as usual and lately it has been freezing up halfway through culling my images to be edited. I keep losing work and have been spending hours upon hours trying to figure it out and doing everything I can but no matter what it always ends up freezing when I'm in "library". I'm importing all of my images and then I go through and select the ones in which I send out to be edited. I've never had these issues before and it's insanely frustrating and taking a toll on my business! Once Lightroom freezes, I close it, then I eject the hard drive, but then the hard drive freezes up and the whole iMac freezes. I'm currently trying to figure out if it's lightroom because I know many of my photog friends have this happen too or if its the hard drive


      Please help!