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    Add Document Description Using Excel


      I help a team curate a vast collection of historical documents that we are slowly making digital versions of. Our favored technique is to use the "Optimized Scanned Documents" Action Wizard in Adobe Acrobat XI to help increase the accessibility of the scanned documents via OCR and reduce the file size of the documents. When running the Wizard, we skipped the "Add Document Description" step to save on time in order to meet a deadline. (It was also viewed as optional as we had other ideas on how to achieve accessibility which were then forgotten). We were recently made aware that as a public entity, we really need to make the documents better accessible. Perhaps surprisingly for us, a good way to do so would be to run the "Add Document Description" step - we have extensively detailed each of our documents in an Excel spreadsheet. We are currently 2100+ documents deep into this historical-paper-document-to-the-web task and to reduce transcription errors as well as speed up the time it would take, we would like to automate the process. Future plans at the moment include not skipping the "Add Document Description" step.


      In order to rectify past ignorance, is there a way to link the file names added to an Action Wizard to a row in an Excel spreadsheet (coded with the same file name) and then have Adobe fill out the "Add Document Description" dialog box by itself?