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    Verification of license before buying it




      I've come a long way from dozens of forums and phonecalls with dealers and now i finally found my way here.


      I need to buy a single "photoshop cs6 extended" license.

      After a while of searching I finally found a dealer that seemed suitable.

      My issue is: I need to make sure I am buying a legal license, and not a faked or stolen or copied one. I will get my money back from the company I work for if I can show them legal proof that the license I bought is original.


      So I contacted the dealer. I got the following responses / facts from him:


      1. The license consists of a license code printed on a bill of purchase (sorry my English). There is no Adobe certificate with hologram or similar, as I have e.g. from our Microsoft product licenses.
      2. The licenses he is selling are from a volume license contract (damn, I really hate it when I don't know correct terms in english. Obviously this is some sort of contract that consits of many single license codes without DVD medium, package, manuals.)
      3. When I asked him "how can i be sure the license you sell to me is legal?" He answered: We can transfer the license to your Adobe ID account. This makes sure the license is legal and original, otherwise Adobe wouldn't let us transfer the license to your ID.


      Especially regarding the last statement - can anybody tell me if this is true? When the dealer (how exactly?) transfers the license to my ID, is it 100% sure the license is legal and original?


      Or are there any other facts I could ask him to be sure before buying the licese? Is it common to have license codes simply on a piece of paper and not on some sort of license pass, card or manual?


      I have sent a mail to Adobe with the link to the dealer, but noone answered yet...


      Thank you very much for any help!