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    Need some code help for a book for disabled kid (non commercial)

    lekkerspelen Level 1

      Hi there.


      for a disabled kid i made a interactive book that can be controlled by a physical button. when she touches the button the next image with spoken texts starts.

      Now i got a frame that starts a short animation of a green dot that lights up so she knows she can push the button. But because she is mentally not capable to understad that animation we recorded an audio file where the mother says like " please love, push the button" This audio file has to play after 10 seconds after the green dot lightens up. now i putted the audio in a movieclip but even when she pushes the button and the next image and sound starts, the movieclip continues on. So i got 2 audiofiles overlapping.

      This is the code on the mainframe when the image of the book and the audio stops:



      // insert code here


      //starts lighting up the green dot





      //go to the next flag by getting keystroke input



      if (e.which == 83) {  //s





      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------

      THEN ON THE 2 FLAG 10 frames later on the main timeline:

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------






      How should i put the "please push the button" audio in? and that it will stop on flag 2 (and it replays at the next page)


      Thank you!!