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    Shutting off TypeKit


      Hi all, I have a file that was provided and the designer was using typekit.

      I need to be able to package this file to upload to our Uproduce server so I can develop a variable template online for our client.

      I purchased the font to load locally and removed the synced font and shut off typekit, yet it still says the font is synced when it is activated in suitcase.

      It shows in the font dropdown as a synced font.

      What gives, how do I wipe any existence of typekit from InDesign so it will never see it again.

      I am running Creative Cloud CC2014.





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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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            mollybd Adobe Employee

            Hi Matt,


            I believe I responded to your support email, but just to document it here as well - I would first suggest that you make sure you've restarted the computer in the following method:



            1. sign out of the Creative Cloud desktop application, by choosing Preferences > General, and clicking the Sign Out button (screenshot attached).


            2. quit the Creative Cloud desktop application


            3. restart the computer


            4. start the Creative Cloud desktop application


            5. sign back in to Creative Cloud



            The new Adobe ID session coupled with the restart may get the fonts working for you.



            If you're still having issues, we'll follow up via email at support@typekit.com.


            Best regards,