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    text member size


      im having a lot of problems with some text box's at the moment what i need id to be able to dynamicly create some text boxes with a border or some sort of frame and that i can change the size of the boxes they must also be limited to the size i set them at

      the creating of the boxes is fine but its the resizing that im haveing problems with i have tryed a few diffent ways of doing it but this it the code i have just been working on but this still will not set the size of the text i have tryed it with fields and text boxes and a few differnt ways of doing it but none work

      repeat while num >0

      sprite(sprNum).member = memNum

      sprite(sprNum).rect = rect(pos1.locH, pos1.locV, pos1.locH+width3, pos1.locV+16)

      -- put "" into member (memNum)
      --member(memNum).border = 1

      pos1.locH = pos1.locH + width3
      end repeat

      pos1 contains the correct position and width3 is the size i want the box to be

      any one know how this can be done or away around it
      either would be very helpfull

      thanks .aj