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    What is happening with CHM files ?? !!

    IainCliffe Level 1
      Having recently returned to Help authoring after a couple months off I'm somewhat alarmed that *no* CHM files can be opened on my computer (regardless of whether they are on the network or local drive).

      I went through the procedure for setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\HTMLHelp\1.x\ItssRestrictions previously but, looking at my registry now I have HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\HTMLHelp\2.0\....

      Have Microsoft released another Windows update that completely fouls the field for this ?

      My hhctrl.ocx is now version 5.2.3790.2453.

      I'm extremely concerned at this point - developing a suite of HTMLhelp documents is fairly pointless if Windows update renders them useless..

      Advice requested.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi lain

          You might want to use MJ's Diagnostics to see if all your .CHM components are up to snuff and matched. Sometimes one component somehow becomes mismatched and causes issues.

          You can get MJ's Diagnostics by clicking this handy little ole link right here

          Cheers... Rick
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            This problem has been around for a year or more! Now. there is a work-around that's cumbersome but works. It requires the Robohelp user to "save target as ..." to either the desktop or a folder. The specific instructions to the user are listed after the following rant:

            Last June I sent Microsoft support the following e-mail, to which I got a feel-good, sympathetic reply, but no patch has ever been issued as far as I know:

            "My company developed and maintains custom software for nine DoD, DA and other federal agencies and the subordinate organizations for each. Each client organization accesses the software via its own web server we set up and maintain. There are several hundred individual users overall.

            "We developed online help using Robohelp HTML. The introduction of Microsoft security update 896358 has rendered the online help useless!. This is tantamount to locking the barn while shooting all the horses. The "workarounds" suggested in your technical bulletins are totally impractical for intranets with large numbers of users. Microsoft has GOT to QUICKLY develop a patch that can be applied at the server level."

            The following instructions to our users involve a help button that would ordinarily, when clicked, compile the chm file and disply it. Hope this helps.

            Dick Rosenblatt

            1. Right-click RM Online's Help button to display a drop menu.

            2. Click Save Target As … to activate your PC’s file saving procedure.

            (It might be a “Save As” window or something similar.)

            3. Navigate to the desired folder or to the desktop, if its not already there.

            (We recommend the desktop)

            4. Type, if desired, a new file name.

            5. Click Save (or OK or whatever the confirmation button may be.) to store the
            OLH file.

            If you’re running anything other than Windows XP, continue at step 6.

            If you are running Windows XP, jump to step 7.

            6. Locate the help file icon (a large question mark) and double-click it to run
            RM Online’s OLH.

            (Simply execute step 6 whenever you want to use the OLH.)

            7. Locate the help file icon (a large question mark) and right-click it to display a
            drop menu.

            8. Click Properties at the drop menu to display a properties box.

            9. Click Unblock at the box and click OK to close it.

            10. Double-click the help file icon to run RM Online’s OLH.

            (Simply execute step 10 whenever you want to use the OLH.)