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    DNxHR render in after effects gives back a useless video file

    Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

      Windows 7

      AE 2015 13.7.1


      I have a high resolution Comp I want to render. it's 2880x2880. tried to render from after effects using the DNxHR settings 4:4:4, HQ, SQ - it gives back distorted colors, black, red frames. 2k and 4k exports fine. I downloaded the codec from here


      here's an example- here is a composition 2880x2880 with 2 solids:

      after render it looks like this with flickering


      here is a video showing what I am doing with 3 different elements in a 2880x2880 composition: stills, video, graphics - all give useless results.


      any ideas?