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    LR CC 2015.6 Multiline captions only print fully on 1st page

    Paul Takeuchi

      With the latest or previous update to LR CC 2015, I've noticed that when printing multipage contact sheets, only the first page will show the complete caption (2 lines), while on subsequent pages only 1 line shows, cutting off the rest of the text. The trick previously was to toggle on and off the Keep Square button and use a small font size (6pt).


      There also used to be a way to page through the pages to be printed. So if I had a grid of 3x4 and 36 images, I could see the first page, then click on an arrow and see the second page, and again to see the third. Now, those pagination arrows are gone. To get around this bug, I used to be able to go to each page and check and uncheck the Keep Square option so that each page in the preview showed the entire multiline caption. So now there is no way to fix this problem except perhaps to print each page separately, a real pain.