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    ?  ADE 1.7 on Windows PC and Overdrive on Android Phone won't share library books.  Both registered to same e-mail account.  How do I solve this?


      I recently got a new Samsung phone and had to download Overdrive onto it.  Previously, working with Adobe Digital Editions 1.7 on my Windows PC and Overdrive on my phone I could read the same library book.  Now, even though both are registered to the same e-mail account and activated, they won't share the same library book.  I don't want to download Adobe Digital to my phone as it doesn't link with the library and won't allow me to return books from my phone.  Overdrive, I believe, is the only app that does allow this.  How do I get them to link so I can read the same library book both on my KOBO (transfer from my PC) and my Android phone?