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    Installed AE and computer has started crashing and it's getting worse? Any ideas?




      I've installed After Efffects and media encoder and was working fine, for a day or so but now has started freezing/crashing - it started with freezing cursor of flickering images on screen and wont respond to any key strokes.


      Over the last day or so it's getting worse with system crashing when AE isn't running and now it's havoing trouble starting up


      Anyone offer any ideas where to start - I have looked for system restore point but none are available.


      I have no idea where to start with trouble shooting beyond this? Any ideas please?


      I'm running a laptop with 32Gb RAM, 980GTX card and i7 6700 processor so I think kit kit should be able to handle software


      I also have,



      Virb Edit

      Cyberlink Powerdirector Pro


      installed but not running, along with AVG free firewall.