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    flash_portfolio_300x250.js?1465837255984 why are these numbers added to the end of my js file?

    productionArtistChad Level 1

      So I have a javascript file named "flash_portfolio_300x250.js" but inside my index file its referencing "flash_portfolio_300x250.js?1465837255984". so I have a client trying to upload this to google display network and they keep getting an error message and are anything but pleased at the moment. I didn't know they were using google display network so I had no idea what the issue was. Once i found out that they were using it I ran my files through their validator and found the issue


      <script src="flash_portfolio_300x250.js?1465837255984"></script>


      I don't have a file named this. the name of the file is this


      <script src="flash_portfolio_300x250.js"></script>


      once i got rid of those numbers at the end of the file name the validator came back as good.

      Anyone know why its adding this?