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    Help: Adobe XI Pro Crash


      Can anyone help me with this problem?  I have a few pages (24) on a pdf form.  It already has pre-filled text boxes in the forms.  While trying to make edits on the pdf (tools>forms>edit), adobe keeps crashing on me.  I have tested this on multiple computers with the same result. If i delete some pages of the document, i will be able to make edits, but with the whole form, it will crash.  I was wondering if any one else has this problem? How did you fix your problem without having to separate the pages?  I need these documents to be in one document so the pre-fill text boxes would all work together.


      This would work on Adobe DC Pro, but not on the XI version.


      Thing's i've tried


      -Repair adobe

      -run as administrator


      Version: 11.0.16.


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