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    Brush tool still bugged

    Belaboy Level 1

      I installed the latest 2015.2 release in hopes that it would've solved most problems, but unfortunately there are some that still persist that make it more difficult to actually animate. The brush tool specifically only seems to handle well when drawing longer strokes, however, even then you have to wait until it renders (which can vary between 1-3 seconds depending on how complex the line is) and you're unable to draw another line until finishes. This makes doing rough sketching difficult, as you want to be drawing fast. On top of that, I'm also a Surface user, and for some reason, Animate added a drawing input lag that was not present in the previous Flash CC release. Overall, I'm just having a really bad drawing experience.



      The brush tool also handles smaller strokes poorly too, coming out crumbly and wiggly, making it harder to draw finer details. I've also noticed that strokes are poorly optimized as well, having a large amount of segments, which I imagine is one of the factors of why many animators are experiencing massive instability and constant crashes when doing larger projects.



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          Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

          The problem is actually the Surface Pro and not Animate since it has an integrated video card, it can't process the strokes fast enough. Most tablets can't handle Flash or Animate. I've owned many, and they all suck when trying to process a fast line while drawing. Does Photoshop work fine? When a video card can't handle the calculations like that, usually with Photoshop if you try to draw a circle it makes a straight line and then draws a half circle. The only tablet I've seen be able to handle Animate's lines when drawing is the Cintiq Companion which I just bought and while it works fine the brush tool in Animate makes the line REALLY wiggly unless you're extremely close up. Flash 2015 seems to work fine though at least for me.

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            Belaboy Level 1

            I thought this too, but there are a lot of animators with builds 10x better than my dinky little tablet having these issues. Also again, Flash CC 2015 worked fine. I even used Toon Boom Harmony for awhile and I was able to draw comfortably in it.

            Photoshop works quick and snappy on my Surface Pro 3, don't have the half-circle issue there, I'm pretty sure it's an incompatibility issue with the N-Trig drivers since Animate does not officially support the Windows Ink API unlike Photoshop and Illustrator.


            I've been using Flash CC in the meantime, but it still uses the older brush and I'd really like to take advantage of newer features (rotatable canvas, colored onion skinning, etc.)

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              Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

              Yeah I don't blame you... I've been on the beta team for a few years now and it seems to be very difficult to get the brush correctly in Animate, although I'm honestly not sure why. I really don't use Animate that much and just with this latest short I'm doing I am thinking of finally kicking it to the curb in favor of Harmony just because I'm sick of the problems it has. My MAJOR beef is that you can't easily install extensions anymore either!

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                Preran Adobe Employee

                From what I understand, some of the important bugs related to this issue have been fixed in the latest release, and some will be fixed in a future update. Please share the details of your issue with the team directly using Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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                  brownie soupu55213674 Level 1

                  It would be nice if this wasn't the exact same canned response we get every time something simple in an adobe product doesn't work.  Seriously search for other brush-related topics from a year ago plus, we get the same exact "things are fixed and will be in the next update" response, but they never, ever are. The brush tool is so bad, it near impossible to draw with.  Chunky, slow, overly-corrected lines means I have to draw every line in an animation 3-4 times.  That is not a good workflow.  The brush seems to get WORSE with each subsequent update.  Why is the brush in Flash CS3 so much better?  This is an ENORMOUS problem.  Why are the problems fixed now and not a couple of weeks ago with the last update?  They're just magically ok now?  This is appalling, and we customers who pay hundreds of dollars (and resist the temptation to pirate  like everybody else) for this stuff shouldn't sit down and take it.  I'm forced to put out compromised work because the art program makers cant get their art program to function for art.  Like, people in QA used the brush, said "Ok word, you guys. Pppptthhhpt." and sent it on down to the finish line.  I just want to draw without feeling like I'm using a cheap cellphone app from 2009.

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                    Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

                    For what it's worth they ARE still working on it, and while yes it's still not great, I'd argue it is better than it was (which wasn't great to begin with). I think the largest issue is that the programmers working on the brush tools are NOT artists which is why they need feedback FROM artists. even on the beta end, most of the members in the beta program are not artists and are more on the programming side themselves, and I'm one of the few who is. You should join the beta team so you can help give feedback. Maybe Preran can give you that info?

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                      brownie soupu55213674 Level 1

                      Adobe not having artists testing their art suite doesn't exactly fill me with confidence, but it's certainly something I'd be interesting in looking in to further.  But the "we're working on it" is the whole problem I have.  Every few months an update comes and I cross my fingers, and every update I'm let down.  The brush USED to work correctly.  No vector drawing tool is perfect, especially with pressure sensitivity, but the lines take 2-3 seconds longer to render, and when they do, they're all chunky and unusable. I've had to go back to using flash 2014 to be able to draw correctly (and because for whatever reason, the other versions of flash I had still on my computer stopped working with my tablet monitor).


                      I really like a lot of the other updates Animate CC has brought, namely colored onion skins, tagged swatches, the paint brush(not the brush haha), and ability to render in any resolution, so it's a shame I can't simply draw with a tool that's nearly 20 years old.  With their new focus more on animation and less on the programming side of flash, this is an enormous blunder in my eyes.

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                        Mohanaraj Adobe Employee


                        As Mike pointed out we are working on improving the overall Brush drawing experience and would appreciate your early feedback via our beta channel. Please send me a PM if you are interested.




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                          albertos72751698 Level 1

                          Totally agree with you, and IT'S NOT ONLY a Surface Pro problem.
                          Check out this thread to see what happens on Mac OSX.
                          Adobe Animate CC, brush tool worse than Flash.

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                            albertos72751698 Level 1

                            Today I have installed the last update and I discovered that this painful issue of bugged line/clumsy drawing (with tons of bezier points) is poorly solved, if not solved at all: it seems that only works when smooth is at 70-100, so the tracing is fast but no accurate (you draw a line and Animate draws what he wants, that's not the idea). When smooth turned to 50 or below, I discover that drawing and drafting is, again, WORSE than prior version (I can't believe it), but the new features proclaims:
                            "Now available over 200 brush sizes instead of the earlier 8.  Go ahead and give wings to your creativity!!"

                            Sorry for my poor disguised anger but, honestly, I do think that Adobe guys are cheating us with this affair.


                            2 points:
                            •200 brushes sizes instead of 8.

                            Sorry, but 8 was not bad, the problem is always with the drawing experience: size doesn't matter, it's how you use it. The ones who says otherwise, are not animators. Period.
                            No doubt a size scale slide is useful in every app, but I wonder who of the many artists which complains about the decreasing accuracy of brush tool questioned such a feature. I'm working in a 1920x1080 canvas and when the brush size is at peaks, it occupies an area so big that can (and should) be filled with another tool; the brush is expected to be used in drawing, nor large areas. Further, the shape of the resultant line makes me cry.
                            •I don't use Animate. I'm loyal to Flash CC 2015 when I'm into animating frame to frame, and almost each and every one of animators I know don't dare to go beyond CS6 because of the drawing issue. THAT particular issue. They don't care size line, or line brush styles, etc. They want to draft in the screen, fast as close as in paper as possible. Do you have any skilled animator who test the brush tool?
                            Drawing with brush tool in the same comfortably way that CS3 or even CS6 was, it's not possible in Animate. Why? What is the reason that an app aimed for years to animate, doesn't have a line as good as Toon Boom?


                            Anyway, althought there's way to go, I acknowledge improvement. Good ones, the timeline zoom, the onion skin markers and above all, the "additional option to create a key frame", a feature that was in Flash since CS3 (as I can remember).

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                              albertos72751698 Level 1

                              Amen to everything you say. Your comment deserves to be framed. Just installed last update today, and your words came to my mind.

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                                Nipun Asthana Adobe Employee

                                Hi All,

                                Brush drawing experience has been improved in the latest update - Animate CC 2017.2 (

                                Please try it out and let us know how it works for you.

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                                  albertos72751698 Level 1

                                  Good work Staff guys. An improve is obvious in CC 2017.2, but I must be exigent. There is way to go to reach a stroking as good of good old Flash, and the ocean of bezier points per line is still there.