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    Tolle Grafikkarte aber Adobe sagt nein?!


      iMac - GeForce GTX 780M - After Effects - GPU wird nicht erkannt bzw. unterstütz... will ich aber ändern!

      Kontrollkästchen nicht anwählbar (ausgegraut)

      Wofür hab ich denn eine 4GB Grafikkarte und warum wird das nicht unterstützt? Wie kann mir da jemand weiterhelfen?


      Danke schon mal im voraus!


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Could you please explain in more detail what you are asking about? A screenshot or two might help.


          If you're talking about the box I think you're talking about, it's only in reference to acceleration of the ray-traced renderer.

          The ray-traced renderer is considered obsolete by the After Effects team. I would recommend against using it at all. (There is a much more powerful option for creating 3d geometry in with CC versions of AE.)


          Other than the ray-traced renderer, After Effects uses the GPU for very little. The latest version that released a couple of weeks ago (CC 2015.3 - also known as AE version has three native effects that use the GPU (Sharpen, the new Gaussian Blur, and Lumetri), but other than that, native AE really doesn't use the GPU for much.


          Now, if you have third-party plugins (like Element 3d from Video Copilot, Red Giant Universe, ShapeShifter from Mettle, etc.), they will be able to use the GPU regardless of the requirements of After Effects' ray-traced renderer.