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    Black Bar Pixel-y Display Glitch in Animate CC After Copying and Pasting Text


      Hi All,


      I've recently experienced some kind of glitch in Animate CC (latest version, 2015.2).


      What happened was, I copied some text from my web browser, created a text box using the text tool in Animate (where it starts the little box to type text in) and pasted the text in. Now there is a weird black bar on the side of my Stage. I've closed Animate, restarted my computer, and opened a different file, and it's still there. When I scroll over any of the artwork in my file and it touches the black bar, it's as if it gets "caught" in there and is repeated several times. Its very glitchy. I've seen that visual effect happen before in other programs in different ways but I'm worried about what this means. I did the same thing recently in Flash CS6 (copied text from the web and pasted it in using the text tool) and that file got corrupted soon after - I think the program quit unexpectedly, as if it couldn't handle this.


      Does this sound like it's serious, or just a visual glitch? Do I have to uninstall and re-intsall Animate CC in order not to corrupt any more files?


      Needless to say I will not be pasting text from another program into Flash or Animate again any time soon. I would appreciate any feedback on this. Thanks!