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    PDF once searchable no longer is

    jiporter Level 1

           Very odd, since the document is still OCR'd (highlights individual words); it's just no longer searchable. Any tips on how to recover that functionality? (I can't re-scan it for OCR, or re-OCR it, because the file contains thousands of mark-ups). Acrobat DC for Mac, latest version and El Capitan (latest)


      I have a feeling something happens occasionally when I open and edit PDFs on iOS software (PDF Expert) and then sync it to the cloud back down to my machine. It could be a glitch on the PDFExpert side (anyone experience this?) or else (less likely) in the transfer up and down. At the same time my bookmarks become 'dead': they no longer open the page they were tied to.


      This is the first time that both things happened: bookmarks no longer working; unsearchable text. I don't think it is repairable. I can retrieve an earlier backup from TimeMachine, thank goodness.