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    Lightroom Sync Problems


      Hello everyone.  I'm in need of some help regarding Lightroom syncing between my iPhone 6s+ and my desktop running Windows 7.  The syncing between these two devices has stopped working in the past month or so.  It was working great prior to that.  I'm running Lightroom CC on my desktop, and I've reinstalled it a couple of times to see if that would fix the syncing issue, but it has not.  I've also tried reinstalling the Lightroom Mobile app on my iPhone, and it hasn't helped either.  Right now Lightroom Mobile is running on my iPnone and the screen is blank with a spinning circle.  It says syncing, but its been doing this for a couple days now with no progress.  Does anyone know of a way to fix this?  All help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


      /Mike Biel

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          greule Adobe Employee

          Could you try to force quit + restart Lr Mobile on your device. Just double-click the device Home button, find the LrM app to close. swipe up to close app and restart Lr Mobile afterwards


          Let me know if that helps.


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            Swarnima Adobe Employee

            Hi Mike,


            Please let us know the version you are on. We have a similar issue known and we are working on it.


            Please check you have an active internet connection in both places. Also, can you try the below mentioned steps:

            > quit LR from desktop and go to C:\Users\<username>AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom\Caches and delete the folder named: "sync data"

            restart LR from Desktop and see if the collections are marked for sync. If everything else is in place it will take a few minutes to

            sync again. This should work.


            If at all this also doe not work, can you share the logs to us so that we can look into the issue. For this, you can go to Preferences from Edit menu > Preferences or just press (Ctrl + , ) to open preferences dialog.

            Go to Lightroom mobile Tab from the top and press "Alt" key

            A button named "Generate diagnostic logs" and click on it while you keep the ALT key pressed. It will start the generation and it will ask you to open it. Choose show in explorer .

            Please send this .html file ( attach to this thread, if you may) and we can look into this.




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              Mick-Biel Level 1

              Hi.  Thanks for your reply.  I use the current version of Lightroom CC.

              I don't use the standalone version of Lightroom. Let know if

              you need any other info. Thanks.


              Mike Biel

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