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    "Unable to execute script at line 1. File or folder does not exist."

    fredoviolawoodstock Level 1

      Every time I start AfterEffects I get an error as it's looking to find my recent projects.  The error is as follows:  "Unable to execute script at line 1. File or folder does not exist."  I have not changed the location of any of my project files.  It's the same external drives I've been using for months.  When I click OK the same window opens several more times and then finally the history window opens completely blank and empty.  I am able to reopen the projects however from the RECENT PROJECTS pulldown in the top bar.  It's very odd and worrying behavior.  As well, I'm still using 13.7.2 because when I go to update it is unable to connect and gives me that error.  I sat on with Adobe support for an hour today and we couldn't figure it out.  As I'm in the middle of big projects I just decided to not update, but this error upon startup is very worrying.  Anyone have an idea what could be going wrong or how I can fix it?


      Many thanks for your time.


      - Fredo

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