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    Update 2015.3 - Render presets are deleted and can't sync settings without loosing them

    _benju Level 1

      After updating to 2015.3 all my render presets were gone.

      Then I had the clever idea to sync my settings from the previous version (CC 2014) with "Upload settings" and then go back to 2015.3 and sync it with "download settings".


      What happend was that after trying to do so, my settings in CC 2014 are also gone now after starting the sync... First the message was "already in sync", when I tried again, it asked me to revert the default settings with closing AE. (See the following message mentioned in this post: Re: "Sync Settings Now..." clears my settings)

      After doing so (believing that it might anyway afterwards sync the current server settings after the restart) have also lost my settings in CC 2014 now. Not a nice move!


      I have an old version of 2014 still on another machine.

      Is it somehow possible to manually export and import the render settings (and other user presets)?

      Are they stored in any folder on the machine?

      Or can I restore older version in the sync?


      Any hints?