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    Lightroom CC slow to preload images in develop module


      I know with the most recent release of 2015.6, that Adobe included the preloading of the next 2 and previous 2 images I believe to make switching between photos quicker in the develop module.

      I have to say I noticed the change right away. I also noticed that on my old computer it would go away after about 25 images. I would then have to restart LR and it would be back to the quick loading of the next image. I recently built a brand new computer with a super fast M.2 SSD drive for boot and one for my LR catalog and files.

      GTX 1080 graphics card. Super fast system. Again the preload worked great but this time for about 50 images before it would get back up to the 2-3 seconds to switch between photos. Fresh boot of LR would be an almost instantaneous switch of the images.

      This seems like an obvious bug as it just appears that LR is not clearing the cache for the images and rendering more.

      Anyone else have this problem or come up with a way to make the quick preloading of images last the whole session?

      It is obviously not necessarily a hardware thing as my current system is pretty much cutting edge.

      If I am the only one then I assume submitting a bug report won't do much good.