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    Remove local overrides in some but not all cells

    blanko 23 Level 1

      Imagine a table with local overrides applied to stroke, fill, text, cell inset… When I want to clear one overrides, for example the left and top stroke width, style and color, I have some options:


      1. Clear all overrides of the table style. This however clears all overrides of all cells in the full table, so not what I need.
      2. If there's a cell style applied, clear all overrides of the cell style. This again clears all overrides of the cell, and applies only to cases where cell styles are used, so again not what I need.
      3. Manually apply the original setting of each parameter, which I have to remember or look up. Which is how I currently work.



      I'm missing an option to simply clear the overrides of one specific setting. Like in the strokes panel with the left and top stroke selected, simply choose a command "clear overrides". Similar to clearing overrides in paragraph and character styles.



      Is there such a possibility? A command that i'm not aware off, a script, a plugin…?

      This is something that has bothered me for a long time. It would be very handy to see what and which overrides have been applied, and to clear only the overrides that I want.