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    Troubles using PDF on certain devices


      Hi, hoping someone can help. This might not even be an Adobe issue but I thought i'd ask.


      I've recently release a downloadable pdf. Within the pdf are tables that can allow the user to enter some data and they do some simple calculations.


      It's working fine on Android, iPad's and iPhone 6+'s .... but I'm getting customers coming back unable to use it on their iPhone 6s. This seems to be the only issue.


      I'm not sure it thats an apple issue, Adobe or where I've added encryption/no copying etc.


      The message they are getting is either -


      "This doc is protected. Some edits may not be allowed"




      "restricted document. This tool is not available due to the documents security settings"


      I'm assuming its something I've done when I uploaded it.


      Any advice would be great



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          MobileQE Adobe Employee

          Hi Phil,

          seems that your iPhone 6S users try to use Commenting tools to edit the form. Ask them if they can tap on a form field directly to type in some data.

          Acrobat Reader on mobile devices doesn't allow commenting (text markup, free text, draw, etc.) on encrypted documents.


          I hope this answer will help you to resolve the problem.