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    Dynamic linked After Effects and Premiere Project not responding

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           this is the firs time I've used the dynamic link from premiere to after effects, I started out by cutting and placing clips together in premiere like normal, and after I was ready to use after effects, I clicked on a clip and clicked "Replace with After Effects Composition." Everything worked perfectly, I was able to edit the clip, and instantly it would be linked to premiere. When I decided I was done for the day, I closed (and saved) both the programs.


           However, when I wanted to work on the project again, I opened up both programs and tried to proceed where I left off. But the dynamic link didn't want to work. So I proceeded to close each program and open them up one at a time, also I tried to open up the program without a project, then load up the project after the programs were loaded. After a while of doing this, it finally worked, but i didn't know why. I decided to leave the programs both open and running in the background so I could work on them later without problems, I was wrong.


           When I went back to work on the project...


           The after effects tab in the taskbar wouldn't open the program, even though it was still running. When I hovered my mouse over the tab, it showed nothing but a blank canvas. However, the premiere tab worked fine, except for the "media pending" screen when I scrubbed to the linked part on the timeline.


           So I decided to restart afterFX. When I did it opened up, but I wasn't able to edit anything because the preview was stuck on one frame. Nothing changed in the premiere window.


           Now I can't even open up the project in after effects in any way, otherwise, this happens

      eh.pngeh 2.png

      I feel like my project link is corrupted :/

           this only things I can think of that might be causing this would be

      1. I started with a bpc at 16, then reduced it to 8 because the roughen edges effect wouldn't co-operate, maybe that glitched something

      2. closing the programs at the wrong time or even at all

      3. the dynamic link itself


      I've been confused for about 2 hours now, and I don't get why my saved project won't open at all.


      any help would be greatly appreciated...

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Start by rebooting your machine to terminate any stray processes and release clogged up memory and then check your caches and flush them. also check the respective preferences for DL versioning and temp locations. I get a feeling that you are simply running out of disk space on some level (the buggy nature of current CC versions notwithstanding).



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            Thanks for responding


                 I have rebooted my laptop twice and cleared the database cache in a separate project (because I can't open the project that's causing problems in after effects at all). I'm not exactly sure what you mean by DL versioning and temp locations. But I very frequently clear the disk and cache in every project, and I'm sure there would be almost nothing in there.


                 another thing that might be causing troubles is the Premiere file. unless this is normal in CC 2015.3, but all the files are in a different format.

            eh 3.pngalso, when I took a closer inspection at the Premiere window, I saw that it was loading something in the bottom right corner.

            eh 4.png

            Its trying to look for something in my After Effects Stock footage folder, and its also been stuck this whole time as well.