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    javascript error messages

      Hi all. Have a WebHelp project set up and all was going well - until my pc was ugraded last week.

      On the new machine, which is running Windows XP, I now get the following error messages when modifying any of the existing files:

      The file "whver.js" used in "filename", is outside the current project and will not be shown in Project Manager." After I click OK to this, I am presented with the same error message but for the following files: whproxy.js, whutils.js, whlang.js and whtopic.js.

      Any tips on how to resolve this? It results in various different run-time errors when I preview the topics in IE.

      Thanks, Mike
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Mike

          Sooo, do you have good backups?

          From what you have posted it would suggest you have managed to pull WebHelp output into your source location and overlay your original source files with modified WebHelp output files.

          Cheers... Rick
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            littleafton Level 1
            Hi RIck. I do have some back ups - but when I opened them, the same error occurred....

            How would I have pulled WebHelp output into my source location and overlaid the original source files with modified WebHelp output files - I haven't done anything different than I did when using the old pc... I'm wondering if there is some .js template I am supposed to have copied or something?

            Thinking back, the problem first occurred (on the new pc) when I had to rename a file that was named incorrectly (I have inherited this project from someone else) - I thought I could just rightclick the file in the Project Files list and select Rename, but that's when I started getting all these error messages. Interestingly, I can create new topics and there are no errors on them at all.
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hello again

              Let me ask. When you edit the topics that give the headaches, do you see little red squares in them?

              Here's the deal. When you instruct RoboHelp to generate your output, it dutifully copies each topic file into memory. Based on the settings in the Single Source Layout, it injects different JavaScript codes into the topic. The modified topic is then saved in the !SSL!\WebHelp folder. (or !SSL!\FlashHelp if that's your flavor).

              There are a variety of ways that output files may overwrite source files. The most common way is by the help author unwittingly defining the source location as a Publishing Destination. But there are other ways it can happen too.

              Do you have Publishing configured? If so, perhaps examine that process.

              Cheers... Rick
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                littleafton Level 1
                I do get the red squares on these topics, yes. Not on the previous machine I was using tho.

                I just checked in the Single Source Layout pod and I dont think Publishing is configured... but am not entirely sure what to look for, sorry. Any other possibilities?

                thanks Rick!