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    How can I merge two folders from 2 external drives

    MarioFrez Level 1

      Dear all:


      I have the latest Lightroom (I'm a CC subscriber) and I use a Mac.


      I used to store my Lightroom Catalog, Lightroom Back-up and Photos in an external Seagate hard drive with color black. (Let's call it Seagate Black).


      I transferred everything to a newer external Seagate hard drive with color blue. (Let's call it Seagate Blue).


      Afterwards, I saw under "Folders" in the left side that there are 3 folders: 1) Mac (which I don't use); 2) Seagate Black (containing my old photos) and 3) Seagate Blue (containing my new photos).


      When I open the Seagate Blue folder, it doesn't have the photos in the Seagate Black folder. I want to merge them.


      How can I do this?


      Please help.