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    Combining the Tween and Transition classes

    sukha Level 1
      Hi All, I am trying to animate a movie clip symbol on the main timeline using the Tween and Transition classes.
      I am able to apply only one tween at a time i.e. either moving it from one point to another or giving an alpha effect.
      I have tried using the below code but this works only when an image is being loaded from an external location.

      import mx.transitions.*;
      import mx.transitions.easing.*;

      var mcl_obj:Object = new Object();
      mcl_obj.onLoadInit = function(target_mc:MovieClip) {
      new Tween(target_mc, "_y", strong.easeInOut, 635.05, 315.05, 0.5, true);
      TransitionManager.start(target_mc, {type:Fade, direction:Transition.IN, duration:1, easing:None.easeNone});

      var my_mcl:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
      my_mcl.loadClip("back1.jpg", this.createEmptyMovieClip("img_mc", this.getNextHighestDepth()));

      Any idea as to how can i reference a movie clip symbol which is on the main timeline with an instance name say rectange.
      Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.