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    transfeffing to new machine

    cindys70 Level 1

      i have a 5 yr old pc, with lr ps elements installed. pc is starting to run slow, looking at getting a new pc or mac, just for my pics  and not much else, want to keep my old pc and pics on that pc , ( i have the ps lr bundle cc) can i download ps and lr to my new computer and still use on old one ? dont want to transfer pics starting new, with out any new monthly charges? if so how do you do this? thanks for any ifo  and help

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          dj_paige Level 9

          You can download and install Lightroom on your new computer. You are allowed to have two activations of the same LR license at any one time, so you are fine. Download from Keeping Lightroom Up-to-Date


          I don't understand why you don't want all the photos on one computer, I would think you'd want them all in one place instead of some on the old computer and some on the new computer.

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            cindys70 Level 1

            i want to start new , i started lr with out knowing much about , i now have pictures every where, and don't want to lose them. i have cloud storage  and also a external hd, mostly family . don't do much with them any more , want a clean slate, also getting a new camera , with much higher megapixels and will need the room , my present comp is old and slow:)