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    corrupted dng files


      Hello guys, i have a big problem here.

      I updated to cc, and I noticed many many (thousands) of dng files made from previous Lightroom versions are now corrupted. It says "it is corrupted or unknown" and it shows a low-resolution preview of the file itself.

      This happened randomly in may folders. It creates jpg next to the questioned dngs, for no reason...Files are fine since I copied them again from backup...and more than this, they can be correctly opened in Lightroom 5!!!

      Yesterday night Photoshop cc was able to open them, too...then I updated everything to see if some component was maybe missing and now even photoshop refuse to open them.


      What is happening? I checked on different computer and it does exactly the same thing...for example you can import in Lightroom 6.1, but 6.6 fails...CC too.


      It's a disaster for me cause now my archive is a total mess, and I live by this.


      Please can someone help me?