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    Shapes/brush strokes being deleting when selected and moved


      I have recently started having trouble with colours being deleted or filling black when I select and move them.


      For example, I am working with a vector character that has been bitmap traced. Its is a monochrome image with a black outline. It's a flat image all on one layer (or in some cases the line work is on one layer and colour on 2nd layer). I want to change the arm shape so I lasso the lower arm section and move and rotate it. when I deselect it, 8 times out of 10 the black line around it dissapears (or sometimes another patch of colour turns black). the only way I can get it to reappear is if I undo all the moves, or move the arm to a different location on the stage (though this isnt a solution as thats not where I need it)


      I have always had this problem in flash and has been an occasional bug I lived with. however this last month/2 months it is unbearable. I upgraded to the latest version of Animate today and it still does it.


      Can anyone tell me why this happens and whether there is a fix/workaround? I can't believe this is still an issue!