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    Indesign CC 2015 automatically mounting servers


      hopefully this process makes sense to anyone else. it seems a little wonky to me, but the way we do things at my company is host a server for each of our customers as a database of the images they use in their catalogs/signs/packaging/whatever else we do. we also have our internal servers that our designers and editors work from. what my department does is manage the archives. this entails setting up jobs for our people, and then packaging everything, and updating the database for the customers.


      recently, we've upgraded to CC 2015, and run into a snag. when opening more than one file to re-link the new .indds to the customer's database, ID automatically re-mounts our internal servers, and if we don't catch it, the new .indds won't get re-linked, and our customers won't be able to build their files. what i would like to know is if there's some hidden preferences option or a script that i could get to prevent this from happening. previous versions of ID never mounted servers by itself, but we're stuck using CC 2015 since our customers are building the initial files in it.


      i appreciate any and all help!