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    Adobe Text Engine API for Fireworks CS4

      Hi All,

      I am looking for any information that anyone might have regarding adding, formatting, and styling text objects in Fireworks CS4 using ONLY the JavaScript API.

      As an example: If you were to clear your History, then select the text tool, click onto the canvas and type "B", then select the Pointer tool, a new entry called "Text Tool" will show up in the History panel. Selecting and copying that entry and pasting it into a text editor results in the Fireworks generated javascript code I have attached.

      Most of this is pretty normal looking, except for the fw.getDocumentDOM().setTextStream(); method. Checking the Extending Fireworks CS4 documentation reveals that the method is not documented. It has been determined by some smart folks over at the fireworksguru forums that this is a base64 encoded description of the font object that rendered the "B" I typed at the beginning, so I am thinking that this will (eventually) replace the textRuns, etc.

      Does anyone have any further information regarding scripting the new Adobe Text Engine in Fireworks CS4 using only the API?

      Worded another way, can anyone confirm that the Fireworks API has been updated with methods that will allow us to use the ATE directly?

      Thanks in advance,