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    Nikon D5 wav files with Lightroom CC


      hello, i'm new, and needing some help for my boss who uses lightroom for his photography work.


      he purchased the d5 when it first came out and was using a d4 prior with lightroom creative cloud. he photographs birds, so he would record a wav file to go with the nef while shooting, saying what species the bird is. we would file the photos into a folder with that bird name, in the catalog. usually the wav files would tag along and go with the photo while filing.


      now with the new d5, not only does he have to separately put the wav files from the memory card into the new folder in lightroom for filing, but once he moves the birds from a new import folder to their designated species folders, the wav files don't come with. they don't get renamed or moved into the species folder. this could be a problem if a mistake is made when initially filing.


      does anyone have a suggestion for a way around this? i hope this makes sense at all. thank you.