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    Need a script for dropping a portrait on top of a custom background


      I am looking for a script that will help me take a portrait that I have filtered the green screen from and lay it over the top of a specific background that I have custom built. The portrait and background file type are both photoshop files. I need to be able to do them in a batch. This is a sample of what I am trying to achieve:

      Tim V-C-72.jpg

      First I run a batch action to filter out the green, then I do any editing to the portrait necessary, then I lay the portrait on top of the blue background I have created. Once that is done I save the file as jpeg and i am done. What i need is a way to do a batch like i do with the filter where photoshop automatically lays the portrait on top of the background for me. Please help me figure this out, I have a thousand of these portraits to process.

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          You would be better off using a white or gray background than a green background.   Green screen is used in video because skin tones do not have green.  The green chrome color is removed by hardware and software like Premier Pro and after effect have some good video masking features.  At 1/30 of a second per frame your eyes can not tell how good or badly the green screen was replaced with the new background.


          For still image the green background is more difficult to deal with it is a different story.  Particularly with portraits where there is fly away hairs.  There usually the will be green spill and sometimes a green colorcast cause by the originals exposure with the green background.   I neutral background is a better choice for still images.  A neutral color spill is easier to deal with than a green or blue spill.


          It is also difficult to resize and align images that have transparent areas all along borders in your case three borders.  When custom built backgrounds have different sizes Aspect ratios and resolution.   When I create extraction that will be placed into a templates. I force the cutout image aspect ratio by adding a 1% opacity pixel in the top left and bottom right corners to insure transparent borders will be preserved.  So a place image layer bound will not become trimmed to the cutout object bounds.  My collage populating script would not align cutout images well that have empty transparent borders.