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    Any keystroke or script to turn Color Wheels on screen with controller, or tablets?

    PeterJohnJoseph Level 1

      Hey guys,


      I've been searching for some time now trying to figure out if it's possible to create a keystroke or maybe even a script/plugin that would allow me to turn or adjust the Color Wheels on screen (Lumetri or other) in After Effects, Premiere Pro, SpeedGrade, etc., with a controller such as a Wacom Tablet's Touch Ring, or even iPhone/iPad applications that allow you to create custom control surfaces with knobs, wheels, sliders, etc., and connect them to any application as long as what function you'd like to control has a keystroke.

      This would be absolutely amazing, as it would allow you to fine adjust the 3 (or more) color wheels simultaneously while viewing the screen, finding the exact look you want by quickly going back and forth between wheels.


      The Wacom Touch Ring probably wouldn't be as proficient, as there is only one ring, but the iPad/iPhone applications I'm talking about work great. You can easily find several of them in the App Store (I'm assuming Android has the similar), and I currently use them to create custom transports, panels, and buttons for different types of workflows and applications. I'm not going to advertise them in Adobe forums, I'm just alluding to their existence for the sake of explains what I'm trying to do. Its not a question of if THEY work, its a question of whether it is possible find a way to control the Color Wheels via a keystroke, or some other method I might not be aware of.


      So does anyone have any experience or ideas on how if this keystroke doesn't exist, whether or not it could even be created? If a keystroke isn't a possibility, is there any other method, such as scripting or plugins? I don't mind doing some extra work to create something if I could be pointed in the right direction to start. I think this could be beneficial to a lot of people.