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    import text from Mac Outlook into InDesign template via scripting?

    Branigans Law Level 1

      i'm a novice to indesign scripting, understand the logic and the basics of how it works, and have used/written/troubleshooted indata scripts but am new to applescript. before i jump in and spend a lot of time, i'd like to make sure i'm actually on the right path for what i'd like a script to accomplish.


      what i'd like to be able to do is import text strings from an email into a pre-formatted indesign template. i really just want the script to read individual fields from an email and copy/paste each one into an indesign doc in a particular part of a sentence (or tag or individual text box, whatever's necessary).


      is this something i can accomplish with applescript? it would be fantastic if a script like this already existed that i could just customize with the fields i need