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    Working more efficiently with Adobe support


      So...I just spent 45 minutes with Adobe support chat trying to cancel just one of several existing all-app CC licenses due to a staffing change on my team. It felt like the support person was handling multiple chats at the same time (lots of dead air and five minutes to review four lines of text, etc.). This dead air was made worse as it felt like when they were on my chat that their main goal was to repeatedly try and sell me on keeping the license or downgrading it to a single app license. I get trying to save/down-sell once, they have a job to do. Fine. However, to take 45 minutes of my time from start to finish is not showing respect for me or my business, and makes me want to be very careful about adding licenses in the future.


      Giving Adobe the benefit of the doubt, do people have recommendations on days of week/times of day for contacting support that work better than others? Have people just given up on using their chat system and instead get work done while waiting on hold to reach a rep on the phone?