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    Import A Single AE Composition

    poodyglitz Level 1

      I want to import a single composition from another After Effects files (along with its accompanying footage files). When I import, I brings in every element from the project being imported from. o intermediate dialogs came up when I selected the file. Is there a way to selectively import contents from another AE projects? I'd hate it if I had to import everything and delete what I don't need — my projects tend to have a huge number of elements.


      Please advise. Thanks so much.

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          Mohammad.Harb MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          after importing the aep project and use some elements in your comps.

          Go to File -> dependencies -> Remove all unused footage

          Go to File -> dependencies -> Reduce projects


          * make sure to backup your file before.


          lets know if that helps

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            Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

            I don't know about a solution and wish someone could suggest somethings. sounds like there could be a script for this...

            in the meantime I can suggest 2 workarounds I use:

            1. import the project, drag what I want to where I want and then select the compositions I want keep and select Reduce Project, Consolidate and re-order things in my project window through a script or manually.

            2. open another instance of Ae and select just the composition I want to keep and reduce project, then save. then I import this to my main instance of after effects where I need those assets imported to.

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              poodyglitz Level 1

              Selecting the composition and reducing the project works.


              Thanks, guys!