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    After Effects, All the Sudden, has been Rendering Extremely Slow

    twitchbenjamin08 Level 1

      Hello, this sounds like a common problem but I am having trouble finding a solution that fits my exact problem.


      Here are my specs...


      Mac Pro (Late 2013)

      OS X 10.11.5

      Processor:  3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5

      Memory:  16 GB 1866 MHz DDR3 ECC

      Graphics:  F5KNV0W9F694


      So, in the past, (with this computer) I've had absolutely no problems rendering.  Even 20-minute-long comps have rendered in about 25 - 30 minutes (that's almost real time BTW), depending on complexity.  Now, for some reason, I am trying to render a 30 sec comp and it has been rendering for about 22 minutes and has about an hour left.  There isn't anything complex about this comp.  Simple position keyframes in the beginning and end of the comp and only one "Warp" effect applied to a pre-comp.  Thats honestly about as intricate as it gets.  A few 3d layers with some shadow play, but I don't see that causing my render time to lag this much.  Also, yesterday, I tried to render a 4 minute video with green screen keyed out and it took 3 hours to render, so I don't think it's the project rather something wrong with my computer.  In the past, I have rendered way more complex projects with this computer and had no problems rendering.  I know 1 hour for 30 seconds might not seem that bad for someone with an iMac or something but this computer is pretty fast and should be able to easily render this project.


      Also, I have no other open applications except Chrome (obviously)

      Perhaps this is a Mac problem but I figured I would check with you guys at Adobe first.


      Any suggestions for what I could do to troubleshoot this problem?