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    RH X5 WYSIWIG window width woe

      My WYSIWIG edit pane in Robohelp (X5.0.1) is consistently too wide. For some reason the lines of content _always_ run under the right border, so I have to scroll right to edit end-of-line things -- I can only ever see the right end of the line by using the scrollbar.

      Changing the width of the Wysiwig pane, by pulling the right border or by moving the central divider, still leaves an inch of text out of sight. That is, when the window is made wider, the ruler margin moves correspondingly. Even clearing "Left-hand View" leaves the window wider than the actual viewable area. It's driving me crazy. I'm looking through a keyhole into my document!

      Please, can I reset the right margin so it's inside of the visible area?